Treat Yo Self: Indulging My Way Out Of Depression

I've been having a very rough couple of weeks and every time I'm just getting out of my depression, something comes along and knocks me back into it. So instead of trying (and failing) to do the productive things I should be doing (which always makes me feel worse), I decided to treat myself to some little indulgences… »11/05/14 2:22pm11/05/14 2:22pm

Top Blood: Ranking The Southern Vampire Mysteries

As a longtime fan and devoted reader of Charlaine Harris' series, it took me a while to recover from the disaster that was Dead Ever After. Now, with the final season of True Blood (the HBO show based on these books) set to air on June 22, I'm taking a look back and ranking the tales of Bon Temps' telepathic waitress.… »6/14/14 11:24am6/14/14 11:24am