Into the woods and out of the woods and home before dark!

I AM GOING TO THE INTO THE WOODS SCREENING, GUYS! » 12/12/14 10:18pm Friday 10:18pm

I'm so excited. I saw this at Stratford many years ago and fell deeply in love with it - it was my gateway into the wonderful world of Sondheim musicals. I think I entered to win tickets about 60 times. This is great. The next two weeks are going to be stressful with…

Last night, my mom and I had a nice night together. We watched CBC Sounds of the Season whilst eating sushi and then read our books on the couch. After that, we discussed family business in a constructive manner and then worked on our knitting for a few hours. » 12/06/14 11:57pm 12/06/14 11:57pm

There was this guy at the family birthday party thingie tonight who opened with the line, 'I like to kill things and then bring them to parties'. He presented me with a plate of his bear sausage and pepperettes. They were tasty (but honestly tasted like normal sausage) but he was really wack. I watched people move… » 12/06/14 11:35pm 12/06/14 11:35pm